Korean Animal Rescue Regina is a local non-profit organization devoted to helping dogs. 

We rescue dogs from all over South Korea and import them to Canada to be placed in safe loving homes.

For the animals we rescue this is sadly the only chance they will ever get to find families. Most have been seriously abused, some have even been rescued from meat-farms, others have spent their entire lives living in poorly funded, over-crowded shelters sometimes living eight dogs to a cage.


The conditions these animals live in are in no way comparable to Canadian shelters--they live in absolute misery.  Millions of dogs are destroyed or consumed as food every year in Korea, dogs Canadians would be overjoyed to have as members of their families.

These dogs already exist and they need help. We are in a position to something to ease at least some of their suffering. 

Clockwise from top to bottom: These two puppies lost their mother  after the stress of her first walk in years caused her to go in to shock and pass away when they were only a few weeks old. 

Her health was weak and it was later determined that she had level four heartworms. She had been bred repeatedly because her puppies were "cute" and at no time in her short life did her owner ever bother to spend the $20.00 it would have taken to save her life---when it became apparent she was sick, she was sold to a meat broker. Fortunately, someone stepped in to stop her from being sold but it was too late to save her life.

These Jindo's are considered a national treasure in South Korea, they are lovely, loyal dogs, beautiful and protective and they are frequently killed for meat.

Tiffany is a survivor of a dog-meat farm. During the butchering process, which is made as cruel and painful as possible to improve the taste of the meat, Tiffany ripped off most of her nose, which had been wired shut to prevent her from defending herself while they butchered her.  Somehow this extraordinary dog escaped and has now moved to Canada where she will be getting corrective surgery and a brand new family. As many as four million dogs last year alone were not so lucky.

Finnegan is a former resident of the Daejeon Shelter in Daejeon SK. He was born and raised with nearly 300 dogs all living in a single greenhouse. When his twin brother was adopted he was unable to cope with the loss of his life-long companion, and broke out in stress blisters. The 'cone' was to stop him from tearing apart his own feet. We rescued Finnegan, and he was even reunited with his brother both of whom now call Regina home.

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